Adventures in Analogue Pt10

In recent years the big players in film manufacture are cutting back on their output, and even stopping production of some stocks altogether. Kodak for example, stopped production of slide film completely in 2012.

As the film becomes scarcer the prices start to creep up and up. One of the most sought after films is Kodak Aerochrome (see Adventures in Analogue Pt1), a roll of which I have recently seen sell on ebay for over €100. have recently decided to capitalise on this by producing two new films that allow film photographers to still be creative without having to sell a kidney.

Lomochrome Turquoise and Lomochrome Purple are colour negative films that render colours differently to give surreal effects. For example with Lomochrome Purple, green grass will appear purple and a blue sky will appear green. 

I got my hands on a few rolls of each and have given both a go. I think the results are pretty cool.