Adventures in Analogue Pt1

Last Monday the missus and I had a spur of the moment idea to take a flight over to Inis Oirr for the day. The weather was fabulous and obviously I was going to go tooled up with my big lumpy DSLR and all the kit. However, I always manage to find a space in the bag for at least one film camera and today the old Nikon FM2 came along.

THe trusty FM2

I think if you have more than a slight interest in photography you should own at least one film camera. It will help improve your digital photography no end. If you go out with a roll of film with the intention of filling it in a day, you will consider every shot. You'll think of the composition, the light and depth of the photo. You'll consider all the settings of the camera before squeezing the shutter. When you carry this over to your digital camera you'll have a greater understanding of what makes a photo work and you'll be able to get out of Programme Mode and take control of your camera.

Camera chosen, now what film? 

I had a roll of Kodak Aerochrome sat in fridge for a while and now seemed the perfect opportunity to give it an outing. Aerochrome is a long discontinued colour infra red film that was originally used by the military for aerial surveys as it would show vegetation as red. This film is not easy to come by any more and is getting rarer and pricier by the year. I won't say how much I paid for this roll because my missus will probably read this.

I love the surreality of the results. They make the island look otherworldly and it's amazing to get these results straight out of the camera without messing about with Photoshop.  Like I said, get your old film cameras out of the attic, stick in a roll of film, go for a walk and fill it. You won't regret it.