Adventures in Analogue Pt15

Meet the latest addition to my camera collection, the Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera.

The SX-70 was produced in the 1970's and is a manual focus fold-able instant SLR camera. I had been thinking of getting my hands on one for a while without considering the practicalities and cost of acquiring film. Just the look of it alone made me want to get one regardless of its photographic capabilities. It looks like a futuristic piece of design and engineering today, can you imagine how it looked in 1973! When its folded it converts into a smart little package of tan leather and steel that easily slots into your back pocket.

Now onto the the issue of finding film. Polaroid phased out production of SX-70 film in 2005. In 2008 a company called The Impossible Project bought the original Polaroid production machinery and produce their own film to this day. The only snag is that it ain't cheap. Fortunately you are able to buy unsold expired stock at discounted prices, which I did. As it is expired stock there is no guarantee of reliable image development, which I soon realised after shooting my first pack of film.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement! I thought the camera was a dud. Thankfully, the next pack of film gave much better results and I went on to shoot a Black and White pack which also developed well. Overall I'm happy with the images the camera produces. They do have a retro, Lo-Fi look but you can still maintain depth and sharpness with the manual focusing. I enjoy using the camera as well, there is a very satisfying clunk noise when you press the shutter, then you get the anticipation of waiting for the image to appear.

It also looks cool!